MSE undergraduate program ranked #2 in the country

In the latest US News & World Report (2019), our undergraduate program climbed to #2, securing our spot as one of the top materials science and engineering programs in the U.S. 

The field of Material Sciences and Engineering (MSE) thrives on its multi-disciplinary engineers and scientists. Chemists, physicists, mathematicians, and engineers in every area all contribute. It’s that vital for advances in computing, in medicine, in transportation, and all industries.

The big engineering challenges of our time will demand better, stronger, smarter materials. We’re looking for the engineers and scientists ready to work on designing the future.

Learn by experience: high-value skills for industry and research

Our goal is to give MSE students a broad foundation in all classes of materials, including metals, polymers, ceramics, and materials used in the manufacture of solid-state electronic devices.

“If you like chemistry, if you like physics, you want to check out this major. There’s a lot of subdisciplines. ” - Tim Chan, MSE ‘16

To develop their skills, MSE students use chemistry and physics to understand how chemical bonding, atomic and molecular arrangements, crystal structures, and microstructures characterize properties of materials.

They learn how control and change these properties. They gain computational tools and concepts needed to apply to solve real world engineering problems.

Tailor your MSE degree to your fit your goals

MSE students benefit from a small classes and working closely with our faculty in undergraduate research opportunities. As in every department in the College of Engineering, MSE students will have access to award-winning faculty, and top-notch facilities as well as the other top 10 departments within the College and the 100 top 10 programs within the University of Michigan. 

Students can choose electives to fit their particular STEM interests or go even further by pursuing a second bachelor’s degree either in Engineering or in any program of the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. Many of our students participate in study abroad programs and co-op program and go on to be members and leaders in student organizations.


Recent enrollment and graduation data(Enrollment data include sophomores, juniors, and seniors)

Fall EnrollmentWinter EnrollmentGraduates
2010-2011 137 143 54
2011-2012 127 129 50
2012-2013 145 163 55
2013-2014 159 161 47
2014-2015 178 175 67
2015-2016 150 158 53
2016-2017 126 138 59
2017-2018 116 119 41
2018-2019 114 128