MSE Minor

The understanding and selection of materials is a common requirement in many science and engineering disciplines. To help serve this need, the Department of Materials Science & Engineering is offering to science and engineering undergraduate students whose major is outside of Materials Science & Engineering a Minor in materials science and engineering.


To complete the minor, the student is required to take a minimum of five courses, entailing a minimum of 17 credits. The five courses required should be distributed as follows:


  • MATSCIE 220 “Introduction to Materials and Manufacturing” or MATSCIE 250 “Principles of Engineering Materials” (4 credits)
  • MATSCIE 350 “Structures of Materials” (4 credits)
  • Two MSE courses from the following “Selectives” list (3 credits each, and the  prerequisites for each include MATSCIE 220/250 and in many cases, MATSCIE 350):
    • MATSCIE 400. Electronic, Magnetic and Optical Materials for Modern Device Technology
    • (Prerequisite: MATSCIE 242)
    • MATSCIE 410 “Design and Applications of Biomaterials”
    • MATSCIE 412 “Polymeric Materials” (Prerequisite: CHEM 210)
    • MATSCIE 440 “Ceramic Materials”
    • MATSCIE 454 “Computational Approaches in MSE” (Prerequisite: MATSCIE 330, 335, and 365)
    • MATSCIE 465 “Structural and Chemical Characterization of Materials” (Prerequisites: MATSCIE 242
    • and MATSCIE 360)
    • MATSCIE 470 “Physical Metallurgy”
    • MATSCIE 514 “Composite Materials”
  • One more MATSCIE course, other than research or special studies (3 or 4 credits)