When 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM Jan 12, 2007
Where 1670 CSE
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High Energy Density, High Power Cathode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries

Arumugam Manthiram, The University of Texas at Austin

Lithium ion batteries have revolutionized the portable electronics market, but their energy density is limited since only 50 % of the theoretical capacity of the currently used layered LiCoO2 can be utilized in practical cells. Also, lithium ion technology has yet to enter the hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) and electric vehicle (EV) arena due to high cost, safety concerns, and limited power capabilities of the layered LiCoO2 cathode. This presentation will focus first on a fundamental understanding of the factors that control (i) the reversible capacity and power capability of the layered oxide cathodes and (ii) the capacity retention at elevated temperatures of the spinel manganese oxide cathodes. Then, utilizing the scientific understanding gained, the development of (i) complex layered oxide solid solutions exhibiting two times higher capacity than the currently used layered LiCoO2 cathode and (ii) new spinel manganese oxyfluoride compositions exhibiting superior capacity retention and high power capability will be presented. While the high capacity complex layered oxides are appealing for portable devices, the low cost, high power spinel oxyfluorides having good safety features are attractive for HEV and EV applications.