When 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM Oct 13, 2006
Where 1670 CSE
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Synthesis, Assembly, and Reactivity of Metallic Nanorods

Catherine J. Murphy - University of South Carolina

In this talk the synthesis, assembly, reactivity, and optical applications of metallic nanoparticles of nonspherical shape, especially nanorods, will be discussed. The synthesis is a seed-mediated growth procedure, in which metal salts are reduced initially with a strong reducing agent, in water, to produce ~4 nm seed particles. Subsequent reduction of more metal salt with a weak reducing agent, in the presence of structure-directing additives, leads to the controlled formation of nanorods of specified aspect ratio, and can also yield to other shapes of nanoparticles (stars, tetrapods, blocks, cubes, etc.). Variations in reaction conditions, and crystallographic analysis of gold nanorods, has led to insight into the growth mechanism of these materials. Assembly of nanorods can be driven by simple evaporation from solution, or by rational design with molecular-scale connectors. Short nanorods appear to be more chemically reactive than long nanorods. Finally, optical applications in sensing and imaging, which take advantage of the visible light absorption and scattering properties of the nanorods, are discussed.

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