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  • Doctoral Prelim Candidacy Exam (PDF) - Students seeking Ph.D. candidacy must successfully pass the Prelim Exam within two years of their initial enrollment in the MSE department. The Prelim Exam will consist of an oral defense of the thesis proposal based on student’s research performed as a pre-candidate or, if approved by the faculty research advisor, prior work towards the Master's degree.

    A thesis proposal document should be submitted 10 working days in advance of the prelim examination; and should provide the motivation for the proposed research based on a critical review of the background and relevant literature, a statement of the objective, a description of the proposed research approach, including new proof-of-concept research results, a thorough analysis of the results, a plan for future research, and a list of references. The document should be less than 20 pages (single-spaced, 12 point font, 1” margins), including figures, but not including references. Successful completion of the prelim exam is a requirement for advancing to candidacy.

    The examination is conducted by a committee (selected according to Rackham dissertation committee selection requirements), which is expected to become the doctoral thesis committee if the student becomes a Ph.D. candidate. The committee will report to the Graduate Committee whether the student has passed; and, if not, whether a rescheduled exam is recommended.
  • Doctoral Qualifying Exam (PDF)
  • The PhD qualification process in MSE requires the incoming graduate students to take and pass the following core courses, each with at least B+ grade, in their first year:
    1. Thermodynamics (MSE 532), offered in the Fall term
    2. Kinetics (MSE 535), offered in the Winter term
    3. Fundamentals of MS&E (MSE 550), offered in the Fall term
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