Metals Casting

I- Purpose/Objective:

Abstract: same as always, Executive summary of the whole project. See appropriate handout.

II - Experimental Procedure:

Introduction: same as always, partly what Prof. Keough covered in lectures.

III - Theory/Background Information:

IV - Theory/Background References:

V- Activity Schedule:

VI -Format and Important Questions for Lab Report:

Report: think of this as a report on the whole project from making the patterns, what you have learned, runners, sprue, areas, etc. to what you experienced or learned at Joyworks, your observations, evaluations, experiences, suggestions, comments, etc. Think of his as a report on a field trip. For instance after you graduate and get a job you are asked by your boss to attend a conference in Hawaii on new materials which may be considered in the production of your product line such as insulation for hiking or climbing boots. After your return your must submit a max. 5 page report on your observations suggestions, etc. Or your class just spent a day at Disneyworld and you are asked to rite a max.5 page report on your observations, evaluations, experiences, suggestions, comments, etc. BECAUSE OF THE DIFFERENCE IN LAB DAYS, THIS LAB WILL BE DUE NEXT THURSDAY FOR ALL GROUPS, MARCH 27 OR SOONER. NOTE: FEW PEOPLE FOLLOWED THE FORMAT AND SUGGESTIONS HANDED OUT IN CLASS AND ON C-TOOLS. THIS WILL BE CONSIDERED MORE IMPORTANT IN THIS REPORT.