XRD, Rigaku Rotating Anode

Prepared by:

Y. Qi


2219 Dow Building


The following materials and equipment associated with this procedure present exposure or physical health hazards. Safety precautions are prudent and mandatory.

This unit produces a high intensity X-ray beam. Take all precautions to avoid exposure to the x-rays.


Prior to performing this procedure, the following safety equipment must be accessible and ready for use: (e.g. chemical fume hood, biological safety cabinet, laminar flow hood, chemical spill kits)


Protective Equipment:

Prior to performing this procedure, the following personal protective equipment must be obtained and ready for use: (e.g. acid resistant gloves, safety eyewear, lab coat, chemical splash apron)

You must wear radiation dosimeters when operating this equipment. The dosimeters will be checked every 3 months to determine whether you have received any x-ray exposure.

Waste Disposal:

This procedure will result in the follow regulated waste which must be disposed of in compliance with environmental regulations.



In the event that a hazardous material spills during this procedure, be prepared to execute the emergency procedure below.

Not Applicable.


Contact Ying Qi or Justin Scanlon for training or any problems while operating the Rigaku Rotating Anode XRD. For booking go here. You will need an MSE user account. You also will need to have radiation safety training provided by OSEH and obtain Dosimeter Rings by filling out the form and returning it to Ying.   Please fill out the form in the attachments and bring the original copy when you come for your training. Fill out the user section and have your advisor fill out the section provided. An account shortcode and account contact will be required as well. ALL TRAINING MUST BE GIVEN BY MSE TECH STAFF.

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Last Revision:

Apr 21, 2014