Biomimicry of the Manduca Sexta Forewing Using SRT Protein Complex for FWMAV Development

Abdon Pena-Francesch

Assistant Professor

Arriving January 2021



Simone C Michaels, Kenneth C Moses, Richard J Bachmann, Reginald Hamilton, Abdon Pena-Francesch, Asheesh Lanba, Melik C Demirel, and Roger D Quinn (2015)

In: BIOMIMETIC AND BIOHYBRID SYSTEMS, LIVING MACHINES 2015, ed. by Wilson, SP and Verschure, PFMJ and Mura, A and Prescott, TJ, vol. 9222, pp. 86-91, Convergence Sci Network Biomimet & Neurotechnol; Univ Sheffield; Univ Pompeu Fabra Barcelona; Inst Catalana Recerca Estudis Avancats. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence (ISBN: 978-3-319-22979-9; 978-3-319-22978-2).

A new thermoplastic protein complex, Squid Ring Teeth (SRT), has been adapted for use in the artificial reconstruction of a Manduca sexta wing. The SRT protein complex exhibits consistent material properties over a wide range of temperatures (25 degrees C to 196 degrees C) and retains it mechanical integrity across a large frequency spectrum (0.1 Hz to 150 Hz). Insect-inspired wings comprised of SRT can therefore be reliable and robust, which are essential characteristics for flapping wing MAVs (FWMAV). The preliminary results in this paper suggest that a thorough analysis of an SRT-based wing be conducted using load cell, optical digitization, and PIV techniques. With these results, we believe it will be possible to accurately mimic the M. sexta wing in order to pave the way for next generation FWMAV development.

4th International Conference on Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems (Living Machines), Barcelona, SPAIN, JUL 28-31, 2015

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