Research Update: Programmable tandem repeat proteins inspired by squid ring teeth

Abdon Pena-Francesch

Assistant Professor

Arriving January 2021



Abdon Pena-Francesch, Natalia E Domeradzka, Huihun Jung, Benjamin Barbu, Mert Vural, Yusuke Kikuchi, Benjamin D Allen, and Melik C Demirel (2018)


Cephalopods have evolved many interesting features that can serve as inspiration. Repetitive squid ring teeth (SRT) proteins from cephalopods exhibit properties such as strength, self-healing, and biocompatibility. These proteins have been engineered to design novel adhesives, self-healing textiles, and the assembly of 2d-layered materials. Compared to conventional polymers, repetitive proteins are easy to modify and can assemble in various morphologies and molecular architectures. This research update discusses the molecular biology and materials science of polypeptides inspired by SRT proteins, their properties, and perspectives for future applications. (c) 2018 Author(s).

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