Alan I. Taub


2098 HH Dow Building
2300 Hayward St.

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Graduate Students
Avi Bregman

Avi Bregman's research focuses on the multiscale design of polymer nanocomposites for electro magnetic interference(EMI) shielding. Using magnetic and shear alignment inside of a UV curable matrix, advanced control of carbonaceous filler orientation is achieved and then instantly cured to combine unique microstructure with macrostructures that cannot currently be achieved.

Yipeng He

Yipeng He’s research includes the real-time characterization of the carbon nanotube (CNT) alignment in polymer matrices and the relevant kinetics study. The current focus is the CNT alignment in a shear flow and its comparison with an electric field. 

Amy Langhorst

Amy Langhorst's research focuses on methods to improve the mechanical properties of natural fiber composites, including the creation of natural fiber - nanoparticle hybrid composites and fiber pre-treatment.  Amy is performing this work in collaboration with Ford Motor Company.

Anita Luong

Anita Luong's research focuses on degradation of sealing materials in the automotive fuel cell environment.  This work is supported by General Motors Fuel Cell Activities.

Caleb Reese

Caleb Reese’s research includes the characterization and imaging of aluminum based metal matrix nano-composites (MMNC's) using microscopy techniques like TEM, XPS etc. for phase identification and chemical composition analysis of the in-situ processed AlN nano-precipitates in an Al matrix.

Wesley Chapkin

Dr. Wesley Chapkin’s research involved the analysis of nanoparticle dispersion and alignment via electric fields on the resulting properties of polymer nanocomposites.  The utilization of such techniques as UV-vis and polarized Raman spectroscopy allows for an in situ, real time investigation of the evolution of a system under an applied electric field. 

Xun Liu

Dr. Xun Liu formerly held the position of postdoc in the Taub group.  Her projects included microstructure characterization of cast aluminum nanocomposites produced from an in-situ gas-liquid reaction process. The size, distribution and composition of the nanoparticles in the aluminum matrix are analyzed and related to the enhanced mechanical properties. Xun was also involved in the project of incremental forming process and studies the forming force, forming mechanisms, dimensional and geometrical accuracy, formability and surface roughness for different formed geometries under various process conditions.

Maya Nath

Maya Nath’s research focused on the characterization of microstructure, texture and surface finish of aluminum alloys undergoing large deformations. This work will be used to optimize the mechanical properties of the resulting components, specifically for tensile and fatigue applications. 

Erika Salem

Erika Salem’s project focused on the study of the mechanics of deformation during processing both experimentally and using finite element analysis.