Investigation of Thickness Variation in Single Point Incremental Forming

Alan I. Taub


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Erika Salem, Jaekwang Shin, Maya Nath, Mihaela Banu, and Alan I Taub (2016)

In: 44TH NORTH AMERICAN MANUFACTURING RESEARCH CONFERENCE, NAMRC 44, ed. by Shih, A and Wang, L, vol. 5, pp. 828-837. Procedia Manufacturing.

Incremental forming has great potential in manufacturing low volume, complex shapes. The process results in high local strains that are applied to the metal sheet, often exceeding the conventional formability limit. This paper is focused on investigating the influence of the tool strain path on formability and localized thinning of AA7075-O sheets in single point incremental forming. Through numerical models and experiments, the influence of the tool path on the cumulative strain along the wall of the formed sheet is established with consequences on dimensional accuracy.

44th North American Manufacturing Research Conference (NAMRC), Blacksburg, VA, JUN 27-JUL 01, 2016

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