Nicholas R. Etrick

Amit Misra

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3062B H.H. Dow

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Ph.D. Pre-Candidate, Materials Science and Engineering

Academic Training:

B.S., Materials Science and Engineering, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA


  • I was born on the Space Coast of Florida, less than 45minutes from Kennedy Space Center (I could see the Space Shuttle and Rockets launch from my backyard)!
  • I have been fortunate to accumulate a wide-range of technical experience (both categorically and geographically) in the materials field including: industry experience at Northrop Grumman, an REU at Cornell University, wind tunnel research at NASA Langley Research Center, and renewable energy research at Stanford University, where I worked with the mechanical engineering department and a start-up company.
  • I am incredibly motivated by the dichotomy presented by graduate school that includes both sides of the academic coin: 1) detail-oriented technical depth and groundbreaking new discoveries in research, as well as 2) professional development, leadership, and student outreach: nothing is more exciting than seeing kids “light-up” from learning and engaging with new materials engineering topics during outreach events
  • I am involved in the University of Michigan Materials Science and Engineering Graduate Student Council (GSC) and help lead the Materials Research Society (MRS) Student Affairs Subcommittee in the broader Academic Affairs Committee, which unites all 126 MRS Chapters internationally, including efforts for National User Facilities and the Impact of Materials on Society

Interesting Facts:

  • I’ve met Apple CEO Tim Cook on the streets of Palo Alto in 2019 and NASA Hidden Figure Katherine Johnson at NASA Langley during her Computational Research Facility Building Dedication in 2017
  • Whole Foods & Chipotle - truly the only two establishments I could ever need in life
  • I love podcasts – including: The Daily, Up First, WSJ News, Pod Save (America, World, People), How I Built This, Goop, Super Soul, The Moth, Materialism, NPR Politics, and Crime Junkie
  • I experienced Yosemite, Napa Valley, and Sonoma, all within a two-day period this summer, and I also drove across the entire country (FLàCA; CAàMI), twice


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