Towards an Understanding of Tensile Deformation in Ti-Based Bulk Metallic Glass Matrix Composites with BCC Dendrites

Emmanuelle Marquis

Joanna A Kolodziejska, Henry Kozachkov, Kelly Kranjc, Allen Hunter, Emmanuelle Marquis, William L Johnson, Katharine M Flores, and Douglas C Hofmann (2016)


The microstructure and tension ductility of a series of Ti-based bulk metallic glass matrix composite (BMGMC) is investigated by changing content of the beta stabilizing element vanadium while holding the volume fraction of dendritic phase constant. The ability to change only one variable in these novel composites has previously been difficult, leading to uninvestigated areas regarding how composition affects properties. It is shown that the tension ductility can range from near zero percent to over ten percent simply by changing the amount of vanadium in the dendritic phase. This approach may prove useful for the future development of these alloys, which have largely been developed experimentally using trial and error.

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