The Materials Commons: A Collaboration Platform and Information Repository for the Global Materials Community

Emmanuelle Marquis

Brian Puchala, Glenn Tarcea, Emmanuelle. A Marquis, Margaret Hedstrom, H. V Jagadish, and John E Allison (2016)

JOM, 68(8):2035-2044.

Accelerating the pace of materials discovery and development requires new approaches and means of collaborating and sharing information. To address this need, we are developing the Materials Commons, a collaboration platform and information repository for use by the structural materials community. The Materials Commons has been designed to be a continuous, seamless part of the scientific workflow process. Researchers upload the results of experiments and computations as they are performed, automatically where possible, along with the provenance information describing the experimental and computational processes. The Materials Commons website provides an easy-to-use interface for uploading and downloading data and data provenance, as well as for searching and sharing data. This paper provides an overview of the Materials Commons. Concepts are also outlined for integrating the Materials Commons with the broader Materials Information Infrastructure that is evolving to support the Materials Genome Initiative.

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