Effects of the Local Structure Dependence of Evaporation Fields on Field Evaporation Behavior

Emmanuelle Marquis

Lan Yao, Travis Withrow, Oscar D Restrepo, Wolfgang Windl, and Emmanuelle A Marquis (2015)


Accurate three dimensional reconstructions of atomic positions and full quantification of the information contained in atom probe microscopy data rely on understanding the physical processes taking place during field evaporation of atoms from needle- shaped specimens. However, the modeling framework for atom probe microscopy has only limited quantitative justification. Building on the continuum field models previously developed, we introduce a more physical approach with the selection of evaporation events based on density functional theory calculations. This model reproduces key features observed experimentally in terms of sequence of evaporation, evaporation maps, and depth resolution, and provides insights into the physical limit for spatial resolution. (C) 2015 AIP Publishing LLC.

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