Alan I. Taub


2098 HH Dow Building
2300 Hayward St.

T: (734) 763-1024




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B.S. Materials Engineering, Brown University 1976
M.S. Applied Physics, Harvard University 1977
Ph.D. Applied Physics, Harvard University 1979


Director, Michigan Materials Research Institute

Director, Michigan Center for Materials Characterization


My major research interest is in understanding the inter-relationships between processing, microstructure and properties in materials; with an emphasis on mechanical, electrical and magnetic applications.  Present research focus is on lightweight structures for land, sea and air transportation applications.   Projects include incremental forming of sheet metal and nano-particle additions to aluminum alloys.  For polymer composites, we are studying the effect of carbon nanotube and graphene additions to polymer composites utilizing electrical and magnetic fields to produce oriented particles for improved mechanical properties. 


I am also the Senior Technology Advisor for LIFT (Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow) which is a new lightweight metals manufacturing innovation institute.  LIFT is a $150M public-private partnership developing new manufacturing processes for lightweight metals (AHSS, Al, Mg, Ti).  The Institute is located in Detroit, MI and conducts research on industry-relevant applications with LIFT members from academia, industry and federal laboratories.


2001-2012  General Motors Global Research & Development (Warren, MI)

Vice President, Global Research and Development


1993-2001  Ford Motor Company (Dearborn, MI)                     

Manager, Lincoln Vehicle Engineering

Manager, Vehicle Crash Safety

Manager, Materials Science Department


1995-1996   MIT (Cambridge, MA)

Senior Lecturer, Materials Science Department


1979-1993  General Electric Corporate Research & Development (Schenectady, NY)

Manager, Materials Properties and Processes Laboratory

Materials Research Staff Member


  • Elected to National Academy of Engineering, 2006 
  • Acta Materialia Materials and Society Award, 2011 
  • Charles S. Barrett Medal, Barrett Lecture, ASM Rocky Mountain Chapter, 2010 
  • Woodside Lecture, ASM/SAE Detroit, 2009 
  • University of Texas at Austin, Byron Short Lecture, 2008 
  • TMS – 50th Anniversary Laureate Lecture, 2007; Distinguished Lecture on Materials and Society, 2007 
  • MIT, Wulff Distinguished Lecture 2007; Senior Lecturer, Materials Science Department 1995-1996 
  • John Hopkins University, Wenk Lecture, 2006 
  • Materials Research Society – Special Recognition Award 2004; Woody White Service Award, 2002 
  • Brown University Engineering Alumni Medal, 2002 
  • University of Pennsylvania, Technology Distinguished Lecture, 2002 
  • ASM Alfred H. Geisler Award for Young Metallurgist, 1987 
  • Northwestern University, Armco Lecture, 1987 
  • Elected to Tau Beta Pi and Sigma Xi, 1976 
  • AIME Morris Cohen Award for Materials Science Undergraduate, 1975 
  • Engineer-in-Training Certification, 1975