Jeff Sakamoto

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

G052 Auto Lab
T: (734) 763-2219


Ph. D. in Materials Science and Engineering, UCLA, 2001


Materials and manufacturing processes to develop new energy storage and biomedical technologies.  We take a holistic approach to research entailing materials design and discovery, articulation into prototypes, and testing in relevant environments.  While the connection between these seemingly disparate fields may not be obvious, they do share one aspect; nothing, or, more specifically, the absence of mass.


  • Kavli Fellow.
  • National Academy of Sciences, Organizing Committee, Frontiers of Science, Indonesia (2014).
  • National Academy of Engineering, Symposium Organizer, Irvine, CA (2014).
  • National Academy of Sciences, Invited Speaker, Frontiers of Science, Agra India (2013).
  • Michigan State University, Teacher-Scholar University-Level Award (2013).
  • National Academy of Engineering, Invited speaker, Frontiers of Engineering, Warren, MI (2012).
  • National Academy of Engineering, paper titled, “Keeping up with the Demands for Electrochemical Energy Storage”, National Academy of Engineering The Bridge (2012).
  • National Academy of Sciences, US Delegate, Kavli Frontiers of Science, Bogor, Indonesia (2011).
  • Withrow Distinguished Teaching Award (2008-2009).
  • NASA Inventions and Contributions Board, Major Space Act Award for intellectual property: “Development of Novel Materials and Materials Processing Enabling A New Class of Thermoelectric Generators” (2006).
  • JPL, Solar System Exploration Programs Directorate Bonus Award (2004).
  • United States Army, Commissioned Officer, Distinguished Military Graduate (1996).