Gary Was


1921 Cooley

T: (734) 763-4675







B.S. (NE), University of Michigan, 1975
S.M. (NE), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1977.
Sc.D. (NE), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1980.


Major research interests center on radiation materials science and environmental effects on metals, including stress corrosion cracking, high temperature corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement. Current work in the area of stress corrosion cracking focuses on the determination of the mechanism of intergranular cracking in austenitic alloys in high temperature aqueous solutions with emphasis on the role of grain boundary structure, chemistry and deformation. Ion irradiation and stress corrosion cracking are linked through an investigation of the mechanism of irradiation in the assisted stress corrosion cracking of core components in nuclear reactors, by using proton irradiation to study the effects of neutron irradiation. Other current projects are on stress corrosion cracking in supercritical water, oxidtion of nickel-base alloys in very high temperature, impure He gas and irradiation creep of pyrolytic carbon.


Chair, Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences, University of Michigan, 1994 - 1999.
Affiliate Staff Scientist, Pacific Northwest Laboratories, 1994-present.
Professor, University of Michigan, Department of Nuclear Engineering, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, 1990 - present.
Associate Professor, University of Michigan, Department of Nuclear Engineering, 1985 - 1990, and Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Sept. 1987 - 1990.
Guest Scientist, Kernforschungsanlage Jülich GMBH, Institut für Schicht-und Ionentechnik, Sept. 1988 - May 1989.
Assistant Professor, Univ. of Michigan, Dept. of Nuclear Engin., July 1980-Aug.1985.
Guest Appointment, Argonne National Laboratory, 1982 - present.
Summer Faculty Research Program, Argonne National Lab., 1982.
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, 1980.
Staff Scientist, Entropy Limited. Lincoln, MA, January 1978 - June 1980.
Summer Intern, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency May-August, 1974.


Significant Achievement Award, American Nuclear Society, MSTD, 2004
Fellow, American Nuclear Society, 2001
2000 Champion H. Matthewson Medal, March, 2000
Fellow, NACE International, 1998
Literary Award, Materials Science and Technology Div., American Nuclear Soc., 1998
Teacher of the Year Award, selected by the students of NERS, 1998
Fellow, ASM International, 1997
Research Excellence Award, College of Engineering, 1993
Bohmische Physical Society, 1987
Presidential Young Investigator Award, 1985
International Nickel Company Fellowship, MIT 1979-80
Theos J. Thompson Fellowship, 1977-78
Sigma Xi, 1976
Outstanding Work in Nuclear Engineering Award, Nuclear Engineering, UM 1975
Tau Beta Pi, 1974