Gary Was


1921 Cooley

T: (734) 763-4675






Irradiated Materials Testing Laboratory

Location: 1059, PML

The Irradiated Materials Testing Laboratory provides the capability to conduct high temperature corrosion and stress corrosion cracking of neutron irradiated materials and to characterize the fracture surfaces after failure.  The laboratory consists of a high temperature autoclave, circulating water loop, load frame and servo motor for conducting constant extension rate tensile (CERT) and crack growth rate (CRG) tests in subcritical or supercritical water up to 600°C.  A scanning electron microscope (SEM) is also available for the analysis of fracture surfaces for sample fratured in either CERT or CGR modes in the autoclave system.  Both the autoclave system and the SEM are mobile and may be used in either the hot cell or the accompanying laboratory.