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Gary Was


1921 Cooley

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Office: 2940 cooley
7349360266 B.S. Nuclear Engineering, Purdue University

My research interests lie in the radiation effects on ceramics.  My current project is testing the high-temperature radiation-induced creep in pyrolytic carbon.  My primary focus is on accelerator-based testing of fuel elements for the next generation nuclear reactors.  Since the HTGR design requires knowledge of how the ceramic materials will behave under high-irradiation and high-temperature conditions, it is necessary to investigate ways to achieve these testing conditions.  Current testing of neutron-irradiation effects on pyrolytic carbons is being conducted, but due to the low reactor coolant temperature the materials can not be tested in a radiation field and at the necessary high temperatures.  It is the desire that my research will result in an accelerator-based experiment set-up that will allow for the testing at both high temperature and high radiation.