John Bilello

Professor Emeritus

2042 HH Dow


B. Met. E., (Met. Eng.), New York University, 1960.
M. S. (MSE), New York University, 1962.
Ph. D. (Met. Eng.), University of Illinois (Champaign-Urbana), 1965


Application of high energy (synchrotron radiation) x-ray diffraction imaging, microdiffraction, grazing angle incidence scattering and other associated techniques as a tool for non-destructive materials characterization to study a wide range of problems in metals, alloys and semi-conductors where it is necessary to control the structure-property relationships on both the micro and macro-scale to achieve improved performance or to create new materials.

Current research is focused on surface and interface studies in controlling the fabrication and mechanical properties of thin films, multilayer nanocomposites, and on the role of grain boundaries in fatigue and fracture.