Joanna Millunchick

Research Group

Research Staff
Chris Pearson

Where the USS Enterprise had Mr. Scott and Mr. LaForge, our lab has Chris.

Graduate Students
Evan Anderson

Evan earned his BS in MSE at Purdue. He is investigating how to engineer the properties and defects of compound semiconductors by manipulating the atomic surface structure during synthesis.  He is focusing on InAsSb because of its potential application in long wavelength infrared detectors. He use a variety of techniques including molecular beam epitaxy, scanning tunneling microscopy, high resolution x-ray diffraction, atomic force microscopy, and ab initio calculations.

Matt Dejarld
Andrew Martin

In vacuo FIB-directed growth of stacked, type-II band off-set GaSb QDs for intermediate band solar cell applications.

Lifan Yan

Adam Duzik

Adam is currently studying the surface morphology and reconstructions of GaAs modified by Bi surfactant layers and GaAsBi.  Adam utilizes a combination of experimental methods including molecular beam epitaxy (MBE), scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), and atomic force microscopy (AFM) with theoretical density functional theory (DFT) calculations.

Jessica Bickel

Jessica wrote her thesis on "The Role of Strain in the Surface Structires of III-V alloyed semiconductor films". The successfully defended her thesis in December of 2009.

Shannon Brooks-Lenhert

Shannon obtained her Masters from the University of Theil in 2007. Her research with the Millunchick group was on low temperature GaAs. Shannon is currently working collaboratively with Picometrix an API company on the characterization of low temperature epitaxially grown materials used in terahertz systems.

Aaron Dehne

Aaron focus included a little of everything from devising new methods to get sharp STM tips and plate BFM filaments, so they will not break in situ, to characterization and analysis of Quantum Dots made by patterning with a Focused Ion beam and then growth by MBE. He is currently working at the US Patent and Trademark Office in Washington D.C. as a patent examiner in the field of semiconductors, mainly with methods of manufacturing.

Catalina Dorin

Catalina is currently working for Intel at one of their divisions in Arizona.

Inkyu Eu

Inkyu obtained his masters with the Millunchick Group. He now works for Samsung at their Korea office.

Jennifer Lee-Feldman

Jenny is currently working on STM imaging of FIB-irradiated surfaces and also nanoparticles dispersions.

Mark Noordhoek

Mark was working on characterization and analysis of Quantum Dots made through patterning with the Focused Ion Beam and grown via MBE during his time at the University of Michigan. He is continuing his education at the University of Florida Graduate School.

Benny Perez Rodriguez

Benny studied the stress evolution in various ternary III-Sb thin films for HEMT devices. Benny made great use of the TEMs and AFMs in EMAL as well the MOSS in our lab. He is currently working for Intel at one of their locations in Arizona.

Alexandru Riposan

Paul Rudzinski

Paul was working to characterize Quantum Dots made through patterning with a Focused Ion Beam and growth with our MBE. He is currently a senior in Industrial Operations Engineering and is hoping to graduate after one more semester.

Lee "Trey" Sears III

Trey obtained his Ph.D. with a thesis on the "Investigation of Surface Reconstruction and Inverse Stranski-Krastanov growth in InGaAs films. Trey successfully defended his thesis in september of 2009. He now works in Colorado.