Electrical transport in ion beam created InAs nanospikes

Joanna Millunchick



2014 HH Dow

T: (734) 647-8980





K. A Grossklaus, J. R Jokisaari, X. Q Pan, and J. M Millunchick (2012)


Ion beam irradiation has previously been demonstrated as a method forcreating nanowire-like semiconductor nanostructures, but no previousstudies have reported on the electrical properties of those structures.In this work we describe the creation and in situ transmission electronmicroscopy electrical characterization of nanoscale InAs spikestructures on both InAs and InP substrates fabricated using a focusedion beam erosion method. Those InAs `nanospikes' are found to possessinternal structures with varying amounts of ion damaged and singlecrystalline material. Nanospike electrical behavior is analyzed withrespect to model electronic structures and is similar to cases ofbarrier limited conduction in nanowires. The different electricalresponses of each nanospike are found to be the result of variation intheir structure, with the conductivity of InAs nanospikes formed on InAssubstrates found to increase with the degree of nanospike corecrystallinity. The conductivity of InAs nanospikes formed on InPsubstrates does not show a dependence on core crystallinity, and may becontrolled by the other internal barriers to conduction inherent in thatsystem.

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