Photoluminescence Imaging of Focused Ion Beam Induced Individual Quantum Dots

Joanna Millunchick


2014 HH Dow

T: (734) 647-8980





Jieun Lee, Timothy W Saucer, Andrew J Martin, Deborah Tien, Joanna M Millunchick, and Vanessa Sih (2011)

NANO LETTERS, 11(3):1040-1043.

We report on scanning microphotoluminescence measurements thatspectrally and spatially resolve emission from individual InAs quantumdots that were induced by focused ion beam patterning. Multilayers ofquantum dots were spaced 2 mu m apart, with a minimum single dotemission line width of 160 mu eV, indicating good optical quality fordots patterned using this technique. Mapping 16 array sites, at least65\\% were occupied by optically active dots and the spectralinhomogeneity was within 30 meV.

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