Kai Sun

Research Scientist


2600 Draper Avenue, NAME Building RM124
T: (734) 936-3353





Research Group

Xiaotao Zu: 2012-2012 Visiting Professor from UESTC, China
Email: xtzu@uestc.edu.cn
Emma Backman: 2012-2013 UROP Student
Email: emmarb@umich.edu
Marina Baker: 2012-2013 UROP Student
Email: marinbak@umich.edu
William Chen: 2011-2012-UROP student-in Dow Corning
Email: wyuchen@umich.edu
Yu Dai: 2013-2014 - Faculty in China University of Geosciences
Email: daiyu.26@163.com
Hongxiang Deng: 2009-2010/2011-2012 Visiting student/scholar, Associate Professor in UESTC
Email: denghx@uestc.edu.cn
Robert Forsyth: 2007-2008 UROP student, now at Boeing
Email: rtforsy@umich.edu
Emily Gibara: 2011-2012 UROP student
Email: gibaraem@umich.edu
Richard Gulotty: 2007-2008 UROP student, now @Argonne National Laboratory, University of California, Riverside
Email: gulotty@umich.edu
Dyle Henning: 2007-2008 UROP student -in Huntington Ingalls/ Newport News Shipbuilding
Email: dyle@umich.edu
Kenton Hines: 2006-2007 UROP student, now at Merrill Lynch
Email: kentonghines@gmail.com
Joshua Hoemke: 2008-2009 UROP student, - Graduate student in University of Tokyo
Email: jhoemke@ucsd.edu
Jingjie Hu: 2010-2011 UROP student - Ph.D. Student in Princeton
Email: jingjieh@princeton.edu
Jennifer Jocz: 2010-2011 UROP student, Ph.D. Student in Michigan
Email: jennjocz@umich.edu
Yihan Liu
Email: liuyh@smm.neu.edu.cn
Wei Liu: 2011-2012 Visiting student, now Associate Professor in UESTC
Email: weiliu@uestc.edu.cn
Kunal Naik: 2012-2013 UROP Student
Email: lanuk93@gmail.com
Alex Robinson: 2009-2010 UROP student, now in Google
Email: alexrob@umich.edu
Adrianna Schleef (Oraiqat): 2006-2007 UROP student
Email: scarrose@umich.edu
Vasiliy Sharikov-Bass: 2012-2013, Master Graduate-in Nanolab Technologies

Huahai Shen: 2012-2015, Visiting Student from UESTC, China
Email: shenhua@umich.edu
Nathan Taylor: 2006-2007 UROP student, now Ph.D. student in Umich
Email: taylornj@umich.edu
Rafael Toro: 2012-2013 UROP Student
Email: rafatoro@umich.edu
Saad Vaid: 2009-2010 UROP student
Email: svaid@umich.edu
Sang Woo Woo: 2008-2009 UROP student
Email: swwoo@umich.edu
Hao Xu: 2010-2011 UROP student, - now graduate student in Duke
Email: hao.xu@duke.edu
Guojun Yan: 2012-2013 Visiting Scholar, Associate Professor in XAUT
Email: yanguojun@xaut.edu.cn
Christine Zugaro: 2010-2011 UROP student-Now in Ford Motor
Email: cmariez@umich.edu