Kyle Bushick

Pronouns: he/him/his

Graduate Student

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B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University (2018)


I use first principles calculations to characterize and understand the electronic and optical properties of semiconductors (Si, BAs, r-GeO2). In particular I am interested in understanding the role of phonon mediated quantum processes such as phonon-assisted absorption, phonon-limited mobility, and phonon-assisted Auger-Meitner recombination. In addition to using existing open-source packages, I also work on developing novel methods to calculate these properties of interest. 

I am pursuing a joint PhD in Materials Science and Engineering and Scientific Computing, with the Michigan Institute for Computational Discovery and Engineering (MICDE). 


GSI for MATSCIE 360 (2021)

MSE Graduate Student Council (GSC) President (2021-2022)

DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship (2019-2023)

MICDE Fellowship (2018)