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Current Projects

Characterization of Amorphous Systems via Inelastic Light Scattering
Sponsor: National Aeronautic Space Agency (NASA)

Specific glass classes, like the chalcogenides, are interesting because of their practical application to applications that can take advantage of nonlinear optics, such as optical waveguides. To better understand and manipulate these properties it is necessary to investigate their origins,...

Multiscale Simulations of Crosslinked Polymers

We are exploring a computational methodology to understand self healing properties of a new class of smart materials developed by Scott White and coworkers at UIUC. This system uses DCPD (Dicyclopentadiene) monomer in conjunction with a Ruthenium based Grubbs catalyst...

Enhancing Materials Science and Engineering Curricula through Computation
Sponsor: National Science Foundation

The objective of this project is to devise a more effective instructional process by incorporating computation and cyber infrastructure (CI) into materials science core courses. We expect students to gain a better fundamental understanding of materials science concepts and principles,...

Atomistic Simulations of Nucleation and Crystal Growth Phenomena
Sponsor: National Science Foundation

This project is to use computer simulations to study structural transitions under conditions that are inaccessible to experiments, such as materials subject to very high pressure and/or high temperature, and to address some long-standing problems in materials science. <br>Classical molecular...

Optimizing Ion Mobility, Chemical Stability, and Mechanical Rigidity In Composite Electrolytes
Sponsor: National Science Foundation

The three principal performance characteristics of Li-ion battery electrolytes are: (i) selectively high Li+ conductivity, i.e., with a transference number close to unity, providing adequate power density for the device; (ii) high mechanical stiffness to suppress dendrite growth during charging...