Growth and modelling of spherical crystalline morphologies of molecular materials

Max Shtein


3051W NCRC, Building 28

T: (734) 764-4312




O Shalev, S Biswas, Y Yang, T Eddir, W Lu, R Clarke, and M Shtein (2014)


Crystalline, yet smooth, sphere-like morphologies of small molecular compounds are desirable in a wide range of applications but are very challenging to obtain using common growth techniques, where either amorphous films or faceted crystallites are the norm. Here we show solvent-free, guard flow-assisted organic vapour jet printing of non-faceted, crystalline microspheroids of archetypal small molecular materials used in organic electronic applications. We demonstrate how process parameters control the size distribution of the spheroids and propose an analytical model and a phase diagram predicting the surface morphology evolution of different molecules based on processing conditions, coupled with the thermophysical and mechanical properties of the molecules. This experimental approach opens a path for exciting applications of small molecular organic compounds in optical coatings, textured surfaces with controlled wettability, pharmaceutical and food substance printing and others, where thick organic films and particles with high surface area are needed.

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