Rod Ewing

Professor Emeritus

2012 CC Little

T: (734) 647-8529




B.S. (Geology), Texas Christian University, 1968
M.S. (Geology), Stanford University, 1972
Ph.D. (Mineralogy/Geology), Stanford University, 1974


The research program emphasizes the interdisciplinary study of natural and synthetic phases. Topics include: radiation effects caused by heavy-particle interactions with crystalline materials (e.g., amorphization and ion-beam modification of ceramics and minerals); structure and crystal chemistry of complex Nb-Ta-Ti oxides; structure and crystal chemistry of actinide-bearing phases; geochemistry of uranium; design and selection of radioactive waste forms; use of natural systems to evaluate the long-term durability of materials; low-temperature corrosion of silicate glasses; study of the natural nuclear reactors in Gabon, Africa, and the application of synchrotron radiation, x-ray diffraction and high resolution and analytical transmission electron microscopy to the study of earth and ceramic materials.