Sharon Glotzer

Professor of Chemical Engineering

A177 NCRC, Building 10
T: (734) 615-6296





Current Projects

Assembly pathway engineering

Given a pattern, how do we choose the building blocks that will self-assemble the pattern? This is a difficult question because of the gigantic parameter space we have to choose from when selecting candidates for self-assembly: what shapes do...

Molecular self-assembly on nanostructured surfaces

We have used mesoscale dissipative particle dynamics and atomistic molecular dynamics to study phase separation in immiscible bead-spring molecules grafted to virtual spheres, cylinders and the flat surface and determined that molecules with dissimilar lengths or bulkiness prefer to...

Effect of nanometer scale structure on interfacial energy

Natural surfaces are often structured with nanometre-scale domains, yet a framework pro- viding a quantitative understanding of how nanostructure affects interfacial energy is lacking. Conventional continuum thermodynamics treats interfacial energy solely as a function of average composition, ignoring structure....

Impact of polydispersity on the stability of the double-gyroid phase of polymer-tethered nanospheres

Recent simulations predict that aggregating nanospheres functionalized with polymer tethers can self-assemble to form the double gyroid (DG) phase seen in block co- polymer and surfactant systems. Within the struts of the gyroid, the nanoparticles pack in icosahedral motifs,...

How tetrahedra pack?

We study the thermodynamics of hard regular tetrahedra using Monte Carlo simulations. It is a well-known fact that hard particles can assemble into ordered structures that are stabilized by entropy. It follows from simple thermodynamic reasoning that in the...


HOOMD-blue stands for Highly Optimized Object-oriented Many-particle Dynamics - Blue Edition. It performs general purpose particle dynamics simula- tions on a single workstation, taking advantage of NVIDIA GPUs to attain a level of performance equivalent to dozens of processor...