Richard Laine


B.S. (Chem.), California State University, 1969
Ph.D. (Chem.), University of Southern California, 1973.



Major research areas for the Laine group include the synthesis and processing of inorganic and organometallic hybrid polymers and nano-oxide powders. Research in the hybrid area emphasizes the synthesis and characterization of nanobuilding blocks based on polyfunctional octahedral (octafunctional) and dodecahederal (dodecafunctional) silsesquioxanes (POSS) and nanocomposites therefrom wherein the periodicity and ordering of the inorganic and organic components are completely defined on a nanometer length scale. To date, POSS nanocomposites made include both aliphatic and aromatic epoxy resins, imides, amides, esters and simple hydrocarbon systems. Related work involves the synthesis of polyfunctional POSS with novel photonic or electronic properties.

Research in the nano-oxide powder area emphasizes the direct synthesis of single and mixed-metal oxide nanopowders by flame spray pyrolysis of mixed-metal metallo-organics. The resulting powders are characterized for their structural, catalytic (energy conversion in particular) and photonic applications. The effects of processing conditions on the catalytic, photonic and structural properties are of primary interest.


American Chemical Society Fellow. 2015

Governor of Michigan Green Chemistry Award, Nov. 4, 2015

International Fellow of the Polymer Society of Japan, May 31, 2013

Fellow of the Polymer Division of the American Chemical Society. 2012

Fellow of the American Ceramic Society. 2006