Double-decker phenyl-silsesquioxane copolymers

Richard Laine

Our objective in this work is to bridge DD silsesquioxane cages with conjugated aromatics. In recent papers, we demonstrated that stilbene derivatives of simple DD compounds exhibit properties commensurate with the existence of a LUMO in the cage center, equivalent to LUMOs found in [RStilbeneSiO1.5]8,10,12, [RStil-beneSiO1.5]7[O1.5SiMe/nPr], [RStilbeneSiO1.5]7[O0.5SiMe3]3, [RStilbeneSiO1.5]8[O0.5SiMe3]4 and [RStilbeneSiO1.5]8[OSiMe2]2. We explore here that co-polymerization of vinyl(Me)SiO(PhSiO1.5)8OSi(Me)vinyl with X-Ar-X where X = halogen leads to polymers with photophysics behavior indicating semiconducting.