Richard Laine

High Entropy Nitride

The Laine group has multiple years of experience in the synthesis of polymer precursors to oxides, nitrides and carbides recently developing simple low temperature synthetic routes to metal nitrides that offers the potential to make large numbers of single source precusors that can be codissolved in simple solvents and thereafter chemically linked to form multimetallic HENs. The Laine group has also previ-ous experience in the spectroscopic characterization of the intermediates that form during the ceramiza-tion of polymer precursors and their transformation from amorphous to crystalline phases with control of final grain sizes, densities and mechanical properties. These studies include monolithic final prod-ucts, thin films and fiber formats. In some instances, the introduction of fillers has been found to be extremely useful in controlling the volume changes that occur especially in monolithic targeted prod-ucts