Richard Laine

Synthesis of High Surface Area Silsesquioxane (SQ) Gels Toward Low k Dielectric Films

Collaborators: Intel Corporation, Mayaterials Inc.
Sponsor: Intel Corporation, Hillsboro, OR
Energy storage and catalysis is of great importance to solving our energy problems of today and in the future. Silsesquioxanes (SQs) as nanostructured materials have a wide range of potential applications including low-k dielectrics, drug delivery, hydrogen storage, and catalyst substrates. Our project on high surface area gels based on silsesquioxanes is focused on developing ther-mally stable materials that can be embedded with catalytic particles or gases. We are developing multiple routes to these materials including Lewis acid catalyzed hydrosilylation, polyesters, and Friedel Crafts acylation. We have currently developed highly cross-linked hybrid materials with surface areas of >650 m2/g, with pore sizes of ~ 6A. Currently we are applying these materials toward low k dielectric materials, by using embedded gel particles to increase the effective air gap within a thin film. This project is run in congruence with an industrial sponsored project from Intel Corp.