Processing stoichiometric silicon carbide fibers from polymethylsilane. Part 1. Precursor fiber processing

Richard Laine

Z.F. Zhang, C. Scotto, and R.M. Laine (1998)

Journal of Materials Chemistry, 8:2715-24.

A highly branched form of polymethylsilane (PMS), -[MeSiH] x [MeSi] y -, has been synthsesized and successfully processed into infusible precursor fibers ca. 30-100 µm in diameter. These precursor fibers were converted into stoichiometric, nanocrystalline SiC fibers, 20-70 µm in diameter, by pyrolysis in an inert atmosphere at ramp rates up to 20°C min –1 to 1000°C. Precursor synthesis, fiber processing, fiber curing and pyrolytic processing are described. Bulk materials were characterized using TGA, DTA, chemical analysis, and XRD.

silicon carbide fibers