Organic/Inorganic Molecular Hybrid Materials From Cubic Silsesquioxanes

Richard Laine

R.M. Laine, M. Asuncion, S. Baliat, N.L. D Filho, J. Harcup, A.C. Sutorik, L. Viculis, A.F. Yee, C. Zhang, and Q. Zhu (1999)

in Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Materials, MRS Symp. Ser., 576:3-14, L. Klein, M. De Guire, F. Lorraine, J. Mark eds. Dec. 1999.

Octafunctionalized silsesquioxanes [(RsiO1.5)8, cubes] offer potential as rigid, hard nanoplatforms to which a variety of organofunctional groups can be appended. Crosslinking these groups leads to novel organic/inorganic nanocomposites that consist primarily of interfacial interactions. These materials can be 100% interphase. We present efforts to develop nanocomposite materials that consist of both continuous and discontinuous organic/inorganic phases. We then discuss methods of probing the properties of these materials.

hybrid materials, silsesquioxanes