Low-Cost Nanopowders for Phosphor and Laser Applications by Flame Spray Pyrolysis

Richard Laine

R. M Laine, T. Hinklin, G. Williams, and S.C. Rand (2000)

in Mater. Sci. Forum, Scitec & Trans Tech. Publ., Zurich, Switzerland, 343-346:500-10.

Mixed metal nanosized 6-, B"-alumina and yttria oxide powders doped with rare
earths including Ce “, Nd “and Pr “can be made easily by flame spray pyrolysis of alcohol
solutions of low-cost metal alkoxides. The resulting particles are single crystal,
unagglomerated materials that are homogeneously doped in the 1000 to 10000 ppm range.
FSP particle sizes can be controlled from 20 to 150 nm ave. particle sizes with log normal
particle size distributions. Cathodoluminescent studies on Ce “, Nd" and Pr” doped 6-, B" nanoalumina show novel, electron pumped lasing behavior not seen previously.

laser application, Nanopowder