Perfect and Nearly Perfect Silsesquioxane (SQs) Nanoconstruction Sites and Janus SQs

Richard Laine

R.M. Laine, M. Roll, M. Asuncion, S. Sulaiman, V. Popova, D. Bartz, D.J. Krug, and P. H Mutin (2008)

J. Sol-Gel Sci. Tech., 46:335-347.

Cubic silsesquioxanes (SQs) offer perfect and nearly perfect 3-D symmetry with eight functional groups with each functional group occupying a different octant in Cartesian space. This paper is concerned with the synthesis of both highly symmetrical octa-monofunctional SQs and statistically bifunctional SQs wherein because of similar properties each functionality separates to one side of the cubically symmetric SQ giving Janus-like behavior. In the latter case we find these materials to offer novel properties of use in making both coatings with controlled contact angles ranging from 50–120 °C, with hardnesses (pencil) as high as 6H and the opportunity to make layer-by-layer coatings.

nanoparticle, silsesquioxanes