Escaping the Tyranny of Carbothermal Reduction: Fumed Silica from Sustainable, Green Sources without First Having to Make SiCl4

Richard Laine

Eongyu Yi, Claire E Hyde, Kai Sun, and Richard M Laine (2016)

Chemistry-A European Journal, 22(7):2257-2260.

Fumed silica is produced in 1000 tons per year quantities by combusting SiCl 4 in H2/O 2 flames. Given that both SiCl 4 and combustion byproduct HCl are corrosive, toxic andpolluting, this route to fumed silica requires extensive safeguards that may be obviated if analternate route were found. Silica, including rice hull ash (RHA) can be directly depolymerized using hindered diols to generate distillable spirocyclic alkoxysilanes or Si (OEt) 4. We report here the use of liquid-feed flame spray pyrolysis (LF-FSP) to combust ...

flame spray pyrolysis