D 5h [PhSiO 1.5] 10 synthesis via F− catalyzed rearrangement of [PhSiO 1.5] n. An experimental/computational analysis of likely reaction pathways

Richard Laine

Joseph C Furgal, Theodore Goodson III, and Richard M Laine (2016)

Dalton Transaction, 45(3):1025-1039.

We describe here the synthesis and analysis of the reaction pathways leading to formation of the rare D5h decaphenylsilsesquioxane (SQ)[PhSiO1. 5] 10via F− catalyzed rearrangement of [PhSiO1. 5] nn= 8, 12, and oligomers initially synthesized from PhSi (OEt) 3. Isolated yields of∼ 50%[PhSiO1. 5] 10 are obtained via rearrangement of all starting materials. The recovered starting materials can be re-equilibrated using catalytic F− to generate similar yields in second batches. These yields arise because [PhSiO1. 5] 10