Facile thiol-ene reactions of vinyl T 10/T 12 silsesquioxanes for controlled refractive indices for transparent fiber glass reinforced composites

Richard Laine

Michael Z Asuncion, David J Krug, Haya W Abu-Seir, and Richard M Laine (2015)

Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan, 123(1441):725-731.

A series of thioether-functionalized silsesquioxanes (SQs) was synthesized by radicallyinitiated thiol-ene reactions of vinyl T 10/T 12 SQ cages with a variety of commerciallyavailable thiols. The objectives of this study were to develop model reactions as the basis forusing the vinyl T 10/12 compounds as novel crosslinking agents in the synthesis of new types of thiol-ene crosslinked polymers. A second motivation was to develop model compounds with controlled refractive indices and Abbe numbers as possibly modifiers of ...