Microporous inorganic/organic hybrids via oxysilylation of a cubic symmetry nanobuilding block [(HMe 2 SiOSiO 1.5) 8] with R x Si (OEt) 4− x

Richard Laine

David Pan, Eongyu Yi, Phi H Doan, Joseph C Furgal, Matthew Schwartz, Sarah Clark, Thedore Goodson, and Richard M Laine (2015)

Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan, 123(1441):756-763.

The B (C 6 F 5) 3 catalyzed Piers-Rubinsztajn (oxysilylation) reaction of the cubic symmetryQ-cage [(HMe 2 SiOSiO 1.5) 8] with ethoxysilanes in hexane forms microporous 3-D networks coincident with ethane evolution. Slow drying provides monoliths whereas fast drying provides powders. The reaction is most efficient if initiated at 60° C for 5 min and then allowed to progress at ambient. The products offer high specific surface areas [SSAs> 700 m 2/g, eg with Si (OEt) 4], with micropores of 0.6–2.0 nm, mesopores of 2–40 nm, total pore ...

hybrid materials, silsesquioxanes