CoAl2O4 blue nanopigments prepared by liquid-feed flame spray pyrolysis method

Richard Laine

Natalia B Granados, Eongyu Yi, Richard M Laine, and Oscar JR Baena (2015)

Materia (Rio de Janeiro), 20(3):580-587.

CoAl 2 O 4 pigments were synthesized through Liquid-Feed Flame Spray Pyrolysis(LF-FSP) method using metallorganic precursors of cobalt propionate and alumatrane. Theprecursors were dissolved in ethanol and aerosolized into a methane/oxygen flame where itwas combusted to result in nanopowders at a single step. The resulting nanopowders werecollected in electrostatic precipitators and analyzed by x-ray Diffraction (XRD), FourierTransform Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR), colorimetry, Field Emission Scanning Electron 

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