Synthesis and Characterization of Nanobuilding Blocks [o-RStyrPhSiO1. 5] 10, 12 (R= Me, MeO, NBoc, and CN). Unexpected Photophysical Properties Arising from Apparent Asymmetric Cage Functionalization as Supported by Modeling Studies

Richard Laine

M Bahrami, Joseph C Furgal, H Hashemi, M Ehsani, Y Jahani, T Goodson III, J Kieffer, and Richard M Laine (2015)

The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 119(28):15846-15858.

The photophysics of [o-4-RStyrPhSiO1. 5] 8 [R= Me, OMe, NBoc, and CN] was reportedpreviously. Here we report studies on [o-4-RStyrPhSiO1. 5] 10, 12,[o-4-RStyrPhSiO1. 5] 3–[PhSiO1. 5] 7, and [o-4-RStyrPhSiO1. 5] 6 [PhSiO1. 5] 6 to explore cage size, geometry, and partial substitution effects on photophysical properties. All compounds were characterizedby traditional methods including solution spectroscpy and two-photon absorption (TPA) cross sections and except R= NBoc offer T d5%≥ 400° C/air. All exhibit absorption and...

photophysical property, silsesquioxanes