Facile, one-pot synthesis of Pd@CeO2 core@shell nanoparticles in aqueous environment by controlled hydrolysis of metalloorganic cerium precursor

Richard Laine

CY Seo, E Yi, X Chen, RM Laine, GB Fisher, and JW Schwank (2017)

Materials Letters, 206:105-108.

An aqueous, one-pot synthesis of encapsulated palladium (Pd) nanoparticles by cerium dioxide (CeO2) is reported. A metalloorganic compound, cerium (IV) atrane, was prepared and used as water-stable CeO2 precursor. The CeO2 shell of the synthesized Pd@CeO2 core@shell nanoparticles was composed of 2–5 nm nanocrystals exhibiting both micro- and meso-pores. The catalytic activity as well as the accessibility of reactants to the Pd core were confirmed by CO oxidation, where excellent low temperature activity was observed. The thermal stability of the as-prepared Pd@CeO2 can be enhanced by two methods: (1) forming CeO2-ZrO2 solid solutions and (2) forming SiO2 secondary shells as a sintering-barrier.