Polyhedral Phenylsilsesquioxanes

Richard Laine

RM Laine and MF Roll (2011)

Macromolecules, 44:1073-1109.

Our objectives are to provide a comprehensive review solely concerning the synthesis and chemistries of polyhedral phenylsilsesquioxanes. The review covers the basic efforts to synthesize and characterize the compounds [PhSiO1.5]8, [PhSiO1.5]10, and [PhSiO1.5]12. Thereafter, we discuss general methods of functionalizing these compounds with emphasis on electrophilic substitution to produce, for example, [NO2PhSiO1.5]8, [NO2PhSiO1.5]12, [p-IPhSiO1.5]8, [p-IPhSiO1.5]10, [p-IPhSiO1.5]12, [o-BrPhSiO1.5]8, [2,5Br2PhSiO1.5]8, and [Br3PhSiO1.5]8 as well as Friedel−Crafts alkylation products. Second-generation compounds and nanocomposite materials derived from these intermediates are also discussed in detail. The review ends with a discussion of the apparent 3-D photophysical properties of third-generation functionalized phenylsilsesquioxanes.