Interactions of Quinoline and Tetrahydroquinoline with Catalysts Modeling Heterogeneous Catalysts with Homogeneous Catalysts

Richard Laine

A. S Hirschon and Richard Laine (2020)

Catalysis of Organic Reactions:73.

The literature on the catalytic hydrodenitrogenation (HDN) of petroleum, coal, shale oil, and tar sands is replete with examples of studies on the reactions of HDN catalysts with model compounds such as pyridine, indole, or quinoline. Despite these extensive and often informative studies, to date, the exact mechanism (s) by which nitrogen heterocycles interact with the catalyst surface to undergo first hydrogenation and then ring cleavage and loss of ammonia remains a mystery. The present study attempts to develop a reasonable picture of how nitrogen heterocycles interact with HDN catalysts and undergo HDN through the exploration of the stoichiometric and catalytic reactions of these heterocycles with homogeneous catalysts. We present here studies the reactions of quinoline and tetrahydroquinoline with Os3 (CO) 12 that provide information concerning how these species bind to metals and undergo hydrogenation and dehydrogenation. 


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