Photocatalytic plate‐like La2Ti2O7 nanoparticles synthesized via liquid‐feed flame spray pyrolysis (LF‐FSP) of metallo‐organic precursors

Richard Laine

Yoshiyuki Abe and Richard Laine (2020)

Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 103(9):4832-4839.

Nanoparticles (NPs) of a perovskite‐slab‐type oxide, La2Ti2O7, were synthesized using LF‐FSP coupled with subsequent heat treatments, and their photocatalytic activity was evaluated using decolorization of methyl orange solution under Uv irradiation. The LF‐FSP process used metallo‐organic precursors to produce NPs with very low agglomeration with average particle sizes (APSs) of 26 nm (LF‐FSP NP). Optimized heat treatment of these NPs at 1000°C/3 h/air gave small, plate‐like NPs with high crystallinity, and BET specific surface areas (SSAs) of 14 m2/g, that exhibited the best observed photocatalytic activity. High‐angle annular dark‐field scanning TEM showed that heat‐treating eliminates microstructural defects in these NPs, improving photocatalytic activity by ≈30%. The current approach to perovskite‐slab‐type NPs using LF‐FSP provides a simple route to materials with superior photocatalytic activity and offers the advantage of good productivity, 30 g/h.

nanoparticle, flame spray pyrolysis, catalyst

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