Photocatalytic La4Ti3O12 nanoparticles fabricated by liquid-feed flame spray pyrolysis

Richard Laine

Yoshiyuki Abe and Richard Laine (2020)

Ceramics International, 11:18656-18660.

Hexagonal plate-like nanoparticles (NPs) of the layered perovskite La4Ti3O12 were fabricated using liquid-feed flame spray pyrolysis (LF-FSP) followed by subsequent heat-treatments. Their photocatalytic activity was evaluated using decolorization of methyl orange solutions under Uv irradiation. LF-FSP combusts metalloorganic precursor aerosols to produce mixtures of cubic simple perovskite (ABO3) phase and lanthanum oxycarbonate (La2O4·846C0.846) phase with very low agglomeration and average particle sizes (APSs) of 23 nm (as-produced NPs). Rietveld refinement of synchrotron XRD powder patterns verified that the simple perovskite in the as-produced NPs is LaTiO3 (originally cubic Pm-3m-type space group) and heat-treating gives NPs of the trigonal layered perovskite La4Ti3O12 (R-3-type space group). La4Ti3O12 NPs heat-treated at 1100 °C/3-6h/air exhibits hexagonal plate-like morphology and high crystallinity offering enhanced photocatalytic degradation of methyl orange solutions compared to the as-produced NPs. The LF-FSP approach to obtaining layered perovskite La4Ti3O12 NPs provides a simple route to photocatalytic materials in reasonable quantities.

flame spray pyrolysis, nanoparticle

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