Thin film ceramics that offer electric and electrochemical properties using nanopowders of controlled compositions

Richard Laine

Richard Laine, Eongyu Yi, Eleni Temeche, and Bin Liang (2021)

US Patent Application.

An electrochemically active component is disclosed. The electrochemically active component includes a ceramic film having a thickness of less than or equal to about 100 μm. The ceramic film can be composed of β″-Al2O3, LiCoO2—Li4SiO4—Li3PO(LSPO)-Ag, LiNi0.33Mn0.33CO0.33O(NMC)/xLi4Si04-(1−x)Li3P0(LSPO)/Ag, wherein 0<x<1, Li3V04(LVO)/Li6.25Al0.25La3Zr2O12(Al:LLZO)/Ag, 12CaO-7Al2O(Ca12A7), or Mg0.5CexZr2−x(P04)(MZPCex), wherein 0<x<0.5. The electrochemically active component is a battery anode, a battery cathode, a battery ion conductor, a battery electron conductor, a thermal electric generator, a high temperature fuel cell, or a gate dielectric.

ceramics, flame spray pyrolysis, Thin film

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